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NComputing desktop virtualization solutions. a cost effective yet powerful desktop alternative.

Current Scenario

Staying current with hardware and technology is a challenge for any organization and with limited budgets. The proliferation of PCs has become a burden on IT departments as they work to maintain, update and continually replace outdated, lost or stolen PCs. In addition, aging PCs and a mixed bag of software applications running inventory, point of sale, accounting, etc. is a growing challenge with new devices entering into the IT environment.

What is needed?

In this day and age, every employee needs access to a computer but the costs associated with supplying everyone with a PC are far out of reach. Business continuity is a top priority for SMB’s but traditional solutions are complex, expensive and require several costly third-party hardware components. Budgets are tight and you’re forced to do more with less.

What NComputing delivers

Ncomputing desktop virtualization solutions make it possible for businesses to change the way they allocate their IT budgets and support their end users by delivering a cost effective yet powerful desktop alternative delivering all the security, performance, and manageability required by today’s business to remain competitive globally.

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